Much of what has already achieved success in relation to preventi

Much of what has already achieved success in relation to prevention has been linked to active prevention associated with a mix of laws, educational programs and focuses on multidisciplinary Neratinib solubility dmso and well-distributed teams, as well as the strengthening and organization of the state. In Brazil there are different initiatives bringing together the efforts of Federal, State and Municipal

Governments and civil society aimed at addressing violence in general, and specifically among young people [4]. In 2003, the National Congress passed a law known as the Disarmament Statute, ruling on the registration, possession, and commercialization of firearms. In 2004 the government created the National Public Security Force to address urban violence and reinforce the state’s presence in regions with

high-crime rates [4]. These actions help to explain why gun-related homicides have beta-catenin pathway been trending downward since 2004. Several studies focused on the prevention of accidents have shown a decrease in the number of deaths, through actions such as the use of smoke detectors, containment systems specifically for children in transport (car seats), use of helmets, protective netting on windows, hedges or fences around swimming pools, and specific laws related to speed limits, zero tolerance to drinking and driving, among other measures [31–34]. This study has the limitation that the deaths occurring in Campinas cannot express the true situation in Brazil, a country with various social disparities. Another limitation is that this epidemiological study considered only deaths, the

majority occurring at the scene, and this is not enough to guide prevention programs, since the pediatric trauma population admitted to the hospital is different, mainly according to the cause of trauma. Baracat et al. [35] studying 3,214 children (less than 14 years old) in trauma-related accidents admitted to our university hospital in 1997/1998 observed: males predominated (62.1%); injuries were more common in the 9-13 year age group (33.4%) and 2-5 year age group (27.2%); fall was the cause in 74% of cases, and 89.7% of admissions were of low complexity. Dapagliflozin Conclusions We conclude that among children and adolescents, there is a predominance of deaths arising from trauma-related injuries amongst males aged 14-17 years, mainly from gunshots and with homicide as the main intention. The gun-related deaths have decreased since 2004. These findings are useful in guiding further development and implementation of intervention measures and prevention strategies in this municipality in order to reduce deaths from trauma-related injuries in children and adolescents. References 1. Peden M, Oyegbite K, Ozanne-Smith J, Hyder AA, Branche C, Fazlur-Rahman AKM, Rivara F, Bartolomeos K: World report on child injury prevention. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2008. 2.

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